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Basic Information

In line with the requirements of the Board’s mandate to evaluate and establish the equivalence of local and foreign qualifications, this service assess educational credentials i.e. certificate, diploma or degree earned from local and other countries into Ghanaian equivalent.

GTEC provides evaluation reports and related services that assist employers and education institutions to understand and appreciate the international education qualifications system.


Processing fees for evaluation are periodically reviewed to recover cost. Current the fees are: Two Hundred and Fifty Ghana cedis (GHc 250.00) for each foreign certificate One Hundred Ghana cedis (GHc 100.00) for each local certificate

Relevant facts about credential Evaluation Service

Evaluation of credentials does not:

  • Describe all the courses studied. It covers only the highest level of qualification earned and submitted for evaluation.
  • Determine or prescribe the grade or rank an applicant have earned after the prescribed period of education
  • Combine the series or number of educational attainment to determine placement or establish a specific grade or rank( in the world of work)
  • Determine the equivalence of certificate of membership, proficiency or participation ( in seminar/workshop)
  • Evaluate letters of attestation and result slip. Only certificates awarded after a programme of study are evaluated

Change of name/address

  • Certificates bearing different names of the same applicant must be accompanied by the relevant documents effecting the change of name
  • Request to change name in mailing address must necessarily be in writing. The letter requesting this change must indicate the type of certificate, institution of award and the level of qualification.

Guidelines for communication with GTEC

For requests concerning evaluation of credentials, may contact GTEC via written communication, telephone or electronically

  • WORLD WIDE WEB ADDRESS: Contact for information on evaluation services and other activities
  • E-MAIL: Applicants may also contact the GTEC Secretariat through our email for enquiries only
  • LETTERS: GTEC treats your application with confidentiality. Letters must therefore include a reliable postal address and telephone numbers, full names and signatories. It must also state the services being requested.
  • ONSITE APPOINTMENTS: An applicant may schedule an appointment between the hours of 10am and 2pm, to discuss the applicants concerns
  • TELEPHONE CALLS: The GTEC secretariat provides application status information by telephone to applicants only. Details of evaluation reports will not be released on phone.


  • Without a formal application on file, and appropriate payments made, no evaluation reports will be written.
  • Certificates are evaluated on case-by case basis
  • Only official and original academic records are accepted
  • Transcripts from uncompleted programmes are not evaluated
  • Responses to evaluation requests are delivered by mail. Hence all requests should include a reliable postal address
  • No evaluation reports would be issued until the appropriate procedures for evaluation are completed
  • The original evaluation reports are forwarded directly to an applicant’s employers or institution and a file copy given to the applicant.
  • Ghana Tetiary Education Commission reserves the right to verify, from any source, documents submitted for evaluation
  • In the event of verifying documents, should the source request for a signed written consent, the applicant will be called upon to provide an authorization letter.
  • GTEC assesses the qualifications based on information available. This may however change as educational systems are subject to constant reviews. Accordingly, GTEC reserves the right to re-establish equivalences based on new or additional information available to it at the particular point in time.
  • Forged, altered or falsified documents tendered in for evaluation when detected will be referred to the security agencies. Such documents will not be returned but become the property of GTEC. The status of the certificate will however be communicated to applicants’ employers.
  • All non-English documents must be accompanied by certified English translations. Photocopies of original documents on which English translations are based must accompany the application.
  • Certificates are not evaluated instantly. As such, applicants are advised to submit their requests well ahead of time to give the Board ample time to conduct its investigations on certificates in order to write an accurate report
  • Certificates for evaluation must be hand delivered. Request sent through email cannot be granted.
  • No evaluation can be carried out without copies of the relevant certificates.
  • Refunds are only issued in the event of unavailability of information on a particular credential. Once an application has been submitted no refund will be issued if an applicant does not agree with the evaluation.


NOTE: Please note that the Ghana Tetiary Education Commission (GTEC) does not accept applications from institutions that are not accredited by an authorized accrediting agency in their home countries or an accrediting body recognized by any of the Ghana Tetiary Education Commission's partners.

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